Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Benefits in a multi-faith and multi-ethnic society ...

I'm still unsure about what the major differences there are between
- benefits in a multi-FAITH society
- benefits in a multi-ETHNIC society

Assuming these would come up as (c) questions, can someone help me?
Thanks :)


  1. Multi-faith are to do with religion

    Multi-ethnic are to do with culture

    The advantages and disadvantages are clearly highlighted in the photocopy you have of religion and life.

  2. Sorry, I've looked at those, but the last time I tried to expand on them to gain marks on a (c) question, it didn't quite work ...

    do some points overlap?

    for example, conflict can be reduced in both multi-ethnic and multi-faith societies ... or can they?
    and to expand on it ...
    in a multi-faith society, understanding and respecting other religious and their beliefs and values mean that conflict between religions such as Muslims and Hindus and Sikhs in India can be reduced. This is also because in a multi-faith society every religion has the right to coexist (religious pluralism), therefore some people think living in a multi-faith society brings about a lot of advantages.

    Would this work as one point?

    For multi-ethnic...
    In a multi-ethnic society people learn to tolerate others more and come to know that all ethnic groups are part of the human race. This can stop or reduce conflict because conflict often arises when people do not understand the beliefs and values of others, or when they cannot respect it. In a multi-ethnic society every group is entitled to their own beliefs, therefore people learn to understand the beliefs of others more, thus they can all live in racial harmony. People learn to be unprejudiced because we are all humans living in the same world.

    Would conflict work as a valid point in both multi-faith and multi-ethnic?

  3. other religions*
    (eighth line)

    and people learn to be LESS prejudiced in their thoughts ...
    (second last paragraph)

  4. Well, according to the religion and life photocopy, the advantges of multi ethnic societies include the stimulation of industry (more new ideas from different perspectives means more productive industry and creativity), and the fact that life becomes more interesting due to the mixture of food, music and other cultural benefits. Two other ones (I had to put in a new sentence) are that the chance of war is decreased because a country will be unwilling to go to war with its own citizens in another country as part of a multiethnic society, and that racism is more likely to be reduced as people see what they each have in common as human beings.

    With multi faith societies, the benefits are:

    People see what other religions have in common with each other

    People think more seriously about their own religion and why they practise it when they see other people practising their religion.

    One is likely to think about how you pray when you come into contact with other ways of praying in other religions.

    People are more likely to recogize the equal rights of other religions to coexist and that everyone is entitled to their own opinion about religion.

    People are more likely to think about religion if they haven't done so before.

    And as you mentioned the decreased chance of religious wars occuring.

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